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Virtualisation - Frequently Asked Questions

Virtualisation – Frequently Asked Questions

How does a virtual solution save me money?

A monthly subscription to a virtual server solution, means that you do not have to find up-front investment in software packages and the licenses you need for all your staff to use them. Nor do you need to buy and install a central server to collect and collate your data. All maintenance, upkeep and support are included in your monthly subscription, so you don’t need an additional IT technician to keep it all running smoothly.

Is a virtual solution secure?

Security and protection of data are one of our highest priorities when putting your virtual solution in place. Our servers are heavily protected against hacking and virus infiltration, and constantly monitored for illicit activity.

What happens when software updates?

Software updates are purchased and installed by your provider, and rolled out to you once tested.

Do we have to use updated software?

No. If you prefer to continue using older versions of the software, it will still be in place – but we will alert you to any issues arising from your decision, and we’ll let you know if changes in technology mean that you really do have to make the leap to updated versions.

What happens if our broadband goes down?

Failures in broadband services are very rare, but not unknown. GTI are highly experienced in assessing what level of resiliance you will need to ensure uninterrupted working and continued high performance.

If an employees leaves, and we no longer need a licence for them, do we stll have to pay?

No – traditionally, if you have paid for a license you cannot ask for a refund if you no longer need it. Virtual solution licenses can be ceased at short notice, so you don’t have to continue to pay for the unwanted license.

How and where is my data backed up?
What software packages do you supply?
What can you do if we want to use a software package you don’t currently supply?

If you have any other queries about virtual servers and solutions please do call us on 0845 543 8077 or fill out our email contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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