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Virtual Server Solutions

Virtual Server Solutions

Virtualisation Server SolutionsWhat is a Virtual Server?

The University of Wisconsin defines a server as: A computer that has been designated to hold large amounts of information and stream it to users as required. Any organisation with two or more people working from a set of central data or software needs a ‘server’, and until recent years that server had to be in the same office, or certainly in the same building as those working on it.

The advent of the internet, and particularly fast broadband, now means that the server holding your data could be in an entirely different country – and you’ll still be able to work in exactly the same way as you would if it were under your desk.

That’s what a Virtual Server is – it’s a very real high-grade server containing all your central data, but it’s not in your office. Instead, it sits in GTI’s server suite. Meanwhile, you can connect to it via the internet, and work from any location; your office, a client’s office, your home, whilst commuting… anywhere that you can get a connection to the internet in fact – and mobile computing these days means that’s pretty much anywhere!

What benefits do I get with a Virtual Server Solutions?

There are a number of immediate benefits, including:

Big cost savings:
– you don’t need to buy or lease a server computer
– you don’t have to maintain it, upgrade it or pay someone to fix it if there are any problems
– you don’t have a powerful computer in your office, chewing through electricity and bumping up your bills
Space saving – there’s no bulky server taking up valuable space in your office.

We have robust, direct, multiple broadband connections which practically guarantee you and your staff access to your data.

Your monthly subscription will include a full, nightly, secure back-up of your data.

We can include standard Microsoft and some other software packages in your subscription, which means you don’t have to upgrade all the time – that’s our job.

We invest in high-grade security and protection for your data – we know how important it is to you, and we work hard to keep your files safe. Secure log-in procedures will ensure that only you and your authorised staff have access.

If a member of staff no longer requires access to a software package, you don’t need to go on paying for the license. We adjust your subscription – something you couldn’t do if you’d bought the license outright.

Is a Virtual Server Solution for me?

We highly recommend using a virtual server in the following circumstances:

Your business has people working from home or other offices, locally or around the country, and they need to access your data.

You are often out of the office, but need to access the information on the server during that time.

You struggle for space in your working environment and the server is expensive to run.

Almost any business that operates, or is going to need to operate a central server would be well advised to investigate the benefits and advantages the GTI Virtual Server Solution offers.

We would be very happy to have a no-obligation discussion about your needs and work out the best solution for your business – just give us a call on 0845 543 8077.

If you don’t think that a Virtual Server Solution is for you – but you do want to know more about how to ensure you have a really robust and effective broadband connection, GTI can also help you with that.

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