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What We Do
Support, Service, Maintenance

Support, Service, Maintenance

IT Support PortsmouthSUPPORT: For year-round support, telephone help-desk, 24 hour remote monitoring

MAINTENANCE: Regular checks and maintenance of your computers and systems.

SERVICING: Repair, upgrade or refurbish your computer. Virus cleaning. Data recovery.

IT Support Contracts that keep you working

Need a quick answer to an irritating problem that is preventing you from getting on with your job? Call us for instant help and support. We can help with all levels of enquiry, from desktop computer or server problems, backup and security issues, as well as those day to day operational problems.

A support contract for your company can help reduce the cost of running your IT solution. Call for details.

Our support services include:

• Telephone Help Desk
• Remote Monitoring
• Remote Assistance/Access
• Call and Incident ‘Ticket’ Logging
• 24/7 Monitoring

What is ‘Support’?
Every company has a different IT setup – you may be running one or more stand-alone computers, or a small network. On the other hand you might have a large network hosted on multiple servers with office-based and remote workers needing constant access.

We will discuss the extent of your needs, which parts of your set-up need support and give you a contract price accordingly.

We can cover:

• Your operating platform
• Connectivity and access issues
• Selected software (upon agreement)
• Technical issues

Most problems of this type are easily rectified – it’s just a question of knowing how to fix it! If there has been a breakdown of equipment however, we can identify where the problem is occurring and advise you appropriately.

Breakdown of equipment, repairs and replacement are covered under our maintenance agreements.

Regular Maintenance keeps your IT working!

To keep your IT running smoothly, regular monitoring and maintenance is highly advisable.

Even with excellent care, and with users complying with best-practice protocols, systems do deteriorate; equipment gathers dust and performance suffers; excess data clogs memory – and it’s not until it breaks that you realise there’s a potential problem.

If your business relies on your IT technology working properly, you should seriously consider a regular maintenance program. GTI can discuss with you which aspects of your system require periodical care and quote you accordingly.

For peace of mind, and to know that you will always get preferential treatment, a maintenance program is ideal. You may only require your primary server to be covered, or the entire network, or you may want to include your remote / home workers. Buying into the Maintenance Programme means that you benefit from priority treatment, and reduced costs for labour, which leads to greater value and efficiency for you!

Computer Servicing and Repair

We service failed equipment in our workshop or on-site. Upgrades, repairs, system builds and configuration are among the services we offer to keep your business running.

In the case of branded equipment, our service activities are backed by manufacturers guarantees. Custom built equipment is also supported.

A variety of after-sales service options are available, including our Reactive (pay as you go) service, and a range of contract options suited to your companies needs.

Our integrated Help-Desk ticketing system ensures that your case is dealt with in a professional and consistent way. We fully understand the need to provide quick and effective resolutions to those potentially costly problems.

Our investment in Remote Access and Remote Servicing technology means that we can often log into your network and solve the problem from our workshop, which ensures that you get an efficient, speedy and cost-effective solution to your problem.

Our service facility covers:

• Repairs
• Upgrades
• Virus Cleaning
• Data Recovery
• Data Backup
• Server/System Imaging (Disaster Recovery)

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