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Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery
Remote Backup Prices and Info

Remote Backup Prices and Info

AVOID DISASTER! Get GTI’s Multi-Award Winning Backup Solution installed – and take advantage of one of our special offers…

Remote backup prices



Take advantage of our 25% SAVING or our FREE TRIAL† now by calling 0845 543 8077

Few things these days are as devastating to a business as the loss of data held on their computers. Accounts, customer records, email, letters and documents, images, artwork files…. consider how much of your company’s operating information is held on computer.

If you’re a designer, web architect or other practitioner creating work for clients – what would losing that data mean to you? How many hours would it take to recreate even a single piece of work?

Because of this threat, most sensible businesses have a backup solution in place – a disc or tape copy that can be taken home and kept secure in case of break-in, fire or flood. Hacking, virus infestation, malware and simple human error can also lead to data loss and corruption.

If you don’t have any backup in place – particularly one that keeps your backed-up data in a separate, secure location – the truth is you’re riding your luck.

How much does our Solution cost?
With remote backup previously costing hundreds of pounds for even small amounts of data, we know you’ll agree that our subscription rates are amazing value – and now improved IT and connectivity means our prices are even lower, plus you have two options for even better value. Just give us a call, or drop us an email to discuss installing our Solution for you business.

Remote Backup Subscription Costs

Remote backup services









Prices exclusive of VAT. †Offers cannot be used in conjuction with each other. Free 3 months at start of contract. Minimum Contract Term: 1 year, monthly billing. Thereafter contract cancellable at any time subject to 30 days notification in writing.

What does the GTI Backup Solution include?
When you subscribe to either GTI backup solution, we visit your office to install the software and set up your routines. We also install an external hard drive, which is the first place that your backup goes to. We do this so that you can retrieve your data quickly and easily if the cause of the loss is not a fire or break-in which destroys the physical computers in your office. If a hard drive crash or virus have corrupted or lost your data, then you’ll want to retrieve your data as quickly as possible once the problem is rectified. Down the line, this could take a while; from a local hard drive, it takes a fraction of the time.

Once your data is safely backed-up onto the local hard drive, it streams, via the internet, to our secure server. We then backup your backup – a further copy is made to another secure remote server – belt and braces!

This happens every night, automatically, without any effort on your part. And whatever happens in your office, to your computer hardware or software – we will hold a copy of your essential data until you need to get it back and start working again.

*’Unmanaged’ solutions are fully installed and set up complete with on-site hard-drive backup. Monitoring your backup and reinstating it in case of failure are your responsibility – documentation to help you identify any problems and rectify them will be available to you when you subscribe, and support is available from GTI at preferable rates if you want us to help.

**’Managed’ solutions are fully installed and set up complete with on-site hard-drive backup, plus GTI monitor your backup on a daily basis, taking proactive action to restore it in case of failure.

The basic function of GTI’s backup solution is simply – but it also comes with a host of benefits and features.
There’s no customer management of media or softwarewith our managed solution
Low start-up cost – no Tape or Cartridge drive to buy
Your data is backed-up 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year
Small software foot-print means no interference with your work
Uses your broadband at night when it is idle
Automatic schedule to suit your business
Comprehensive and regular reporting – you know your backup is happening safely
Free support on managed solutions in case of any queries or problems
Support at contract rates on unmanaged solutions
Military-level Data Encryption (AES) ensures the security of your information
Restore your data with a single click
Backs-up ‘live’ documents if you don’t close down software
‘Versioning’ allows you to create additional ‘snapshots’ of your data
Use ‘Smart-Sync’ to ensure the same version of a file is in use across your network
Compression keeps your data volume – and your costs – smaller
Advanced customisation available for users with specific requirements

How does the GTI Remote Backup Solution Work?

The diagram below shows the route your data takes on its way to our secure storage facility.

Remote Backup Solutions

From your central storage PC or server, we stream a back up of your data first to a USB hard drive in your office.
This data streams through your broadband connection to our secure storage at the scheduled time.
A copy of your data is stored on our RAID array – the second backup copy, and the first remote copy.
A further copy of your data is made to a secure USB hard drive.
For managed solutions, our technicians receive reports about the success of your backup – or are alerted if there are any rare problems.
You also receive an email report showing that your backup has been successful.
Your backup continues to happen, at the appointed hour each day.
In the event that you lose your data from your network, you can easily restore it from the hard drive we install in your office.
If the local hard drive is also lost or destroyed, you can stream a password-protected copy of your data back from our secure server – we can talk you through the process.
If you have another computer you can use, we can send or email a copy of the backup software for you to install, allowing you to access and copy your files over the internet.
Alternatively you can connect to the remote storage using an FTP programme – if you’ve lost the passwords and user names we can give these to you.
We can put a copy of your data onto an external USB drive, and mail it to you. If you need the disk urgently and don’t want to trust it to the mail, we can arrange a courier, or deliver it to you ourselves where possible, and will only charge you the cost of doing so, or you can collect it from us.
If there is anything else you want to know about the GTI Remote Backup Solution, just give us a call to discuss your requirements.


What do I need to take advantage of GTI’s Backup Solution?

You’ll simply need a robust broadband connection – we’ll take care of everything else.

What if my office computers are destroyed or stolen?
If you suffer a fire or a break in at your premises, it’s going to be a big shock and there will be practicalities to deal with – police, insurance etc – but then you’re going to need to get back to work as quickly as possible. That means you’re going to need your data back and working on different computers – possibly at home or in a temporary location. If the local hard-drive we install is also lost or damaged, that will mean streaming your data back via an internet connection, or asking us for a copy on an external hard drive.

How do I recover my data?
Once you’ve worked out your temporary emergency working arrangements, call us and we’ll talk you through the process of getting your data back, or simply send it to you.

What about my software?
Our remote backup is designed to restore your data. We can additionally create a ‘disaster recovery image’ of a PC or server, which can then be used to restore a new computer to the same state, including the software and settings in place at that point. Used in conjunction with our data backup, this means that almost any machine can be returned to your original working environment in double quick time.

New or upgraded software will mean that the recovery image will need to be created again. Details of the costs involved are included on our Remote Backup Subscription Tariff.

Need new computer equipment to get you going?
If the worst has happened and you don’t have any equipment to work on while you recover from the loss, call us straight away – we may be able to hire, lease or sell you suitable computers to get you back and working fast.

If you need a long-term solution for replacing your lost IT equipment, we can also help with our hardware leasing arrangements. Our low-cost solutions for equipping your office can really help to take the sting out of setting up a new IT system.

Details of our great-value leasing deals will be on the website soon – in the meantime, if this could be useful to you, contact us to discuss the best way for you to get your business IT up and running!

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