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Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery

Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery


Backup – the most important word in IT – and the most neglected!

Have you ever suffered the shock of starting up your computer only to discover that your hard disk has given up the ghost – and taken all your valuable data with it? It’s a heart-stopping, gut-wrenching moment.

If it was EFFORTLESS, AUTOMATIC and CHEAP to create an off-site, secure copy of all your essential data, every night, whilst your office was closed – would that make life, and your sleep, easier?

GTI is offering a remote backup solution that offers all this!

• You don’t have to remember to take your back up home.
• All your essential data is securely backed up while you’re asleep.
• Your data is safe, secure, and easily retrievable if the worst does happen.

GTI’s remote backup service starts from as little as £22.50 a month, with a reduction to £16.88 a month for support customers.

For that you get:

• A local hard-drive installed in your office
• Your data stored on our remote server
• Free installation and set up of the software that controls your backup
• A nightly backup of all your data so that you never lose more than a day’s work – if that.

For more information and full details of our subscription rates:

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No-one likes to think about the consequences of a real disaster hitting their business. After all, it might never happen…

But what if it did?

In a world where threats can come from all directions, it’s imperative that the impact a disaster would have is assessed and a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan created.

Threats to your business might include anything from fire and flood, to theft or an online attack. Losing software, files and communications could cripple, and even destroy a business. How would you get yours back on its feet after a damaging event?

A good place to start is GTI’s basic level of DR, which takes a ‘snapshot’ of your server or computer system and software, and stores it securely in our data centre. This is recreated at least annually, or whenever there is a major update or change to your system.

If your computers are damaged or destroyed, we can restore your ‘working state’ to a replacement machine, or to a virtual server, and we can do so very quickly.

The Features of GTI’s Disaster Recovery Solution

A complete system image is made of your server or PC/laptops(s), protecting your system and software, whilst preserving all your settings and preferences.

‘Universal Restoration’ lets us restore your data to any suitable hardware – not just the original machine.
With Virtual Compatibility, you could take your business to the cloud while you rebuild your office.
Combine with Remote Backup for total security.

The Benefits to you:

• A robust DR plan offers you complete peace of mind, knowing your data, and your business, is safe.
• Implementing your DR plan will improve the reliability of your business and IT systems overall.
• Even if the worst does happen, a comprehensive DR plan can keep your uptime to at 99% of annual productivity.

How do I create a Disaster Recovery Plan

Our free DR consultancy can help you to assess your specific situation, and plan everything that you need to get up and running again.

We discuss your working set up, identifying any and all servers and computers that contain information that is crucial to your business.

These machines can be ‘mirrored’ to provide a first level of protection.

The position and situation of your machines within the workplace is reviewed to assess their vulnerability and suggestions made to protect them.

Alternative working solutions, such as staff operating from home, and the practicalities involved, are discussed and planned for.

Information about additional solutions, such as Virtual Servers and Remote Backup of data, that can protect your business in the event of a disaster is given for your consideration.

If you don’t know where to start with Disaster Recovery, talk to GTI and we’ll help you develop your plan.

Call 0845 543 8077 to discuss your needs with us or click the button below for prices and further information:

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