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Office Communications Solutions: Telephone and Broadband
Business Broadband Solutions

Business Broadband Solutions

Business broadbandFast, reliable communications, a steady connection to the internet and constant access to your email are becoming ever more crucial to business.

GTI Computers can assist with all aspects of your business broadband solutions and communications technology, from a standard telephone line for calls or fax, to multi line resilient solutions that keep you connected.

• We can provide 3G wireless for mobile or remote working.

• If speed and volume are part of your requirement, we’ll recommend leased-line and direct point-to-point fibre links that will help you move large amounts of data, and provide the fastest connections.

• When security matters, we’ll recommend products from reliable manufacturers like SonicWall and Netgear that integrate with your system and provide the safeguards you need.

• Where you increase your resilience by installing multiple lines, our bonding solutions will help you to make the very best use of them.

Providing the right solution

GTI Computers Ltd have built great relationships with a number of the leading service and equipment providers, which means we are able to furnish your business with the most appropriate and cost-effective communications solution to meet your requirements.

The reliability and performance of broadband is increasing and improving all the time – but if there is a problem, you need someone to shoulder the responsibility for getting it back up and running as fast as possible.

When it goes wrong!

The value of your service provider becomes apparent when you experience problems, and this is when GTI is in a position to assist with speedy restoration of service. When you’re dealing with multiple suppliers (telephone, broadband, equipment) it can be frustrating and time-consuming trying to pinpoint who’s responsible – and get someone to just tell you what’s wrong can be a morning’s work! Rather than spend hours on the phone, pass your issue to GTI – we will try to help you even if you are not contracted to us – and we will act on your behalf with the service provider in question.

When you are one of our contract customers, we’re the only phone call you need to make if there’s a problem.

Ensuring value for money

Complete breakdowns in communications systems are rare – but under-par performance is a regular and irritating issue. Many of our solutions allow us to monitor the effectiveness of your communications, ensuring you are getting value for money from your investment.

Resilience, Security and Accountability are the three most significant business issues when it comes to broadband communications. Choose GTI Computers as your communication partner to ensure that you achieve real value, not just low cost, in this vital arena.

Dealing with one supplier for all your communication and IT infrastructure makes for a simpler, happier life!

If you know what you need, please contact sales with your requirements, or for a FREE assessment, call 0845 543 8077 to make an appointment.

Definitions of the different services available:

1.  PSTN Public Service Telephone Network – Normal Analogue telephone line delivered over traditional twisted copper pair cable.
2.  ADSL Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line – Delivered over PSTN
3.  Fibre Optical fibre. Mainly used for high performance business connections, but also found in many domestic environments supplying cable TV and Broad Band services to the home.
4.  Leased Line Dedicated high performance connection delivered using multiple copper twisted pairs.
5.  MPLS MultiProtocol Label Switching is a method used to provide customers who have a widely dispersed infrastructure to achieve a high quality of connection between their locations. Ideal for VoIP and remote-access solutions.

Services: Please note that actual speed is dependant upon line quality, distance from the exchange, and other environmental conditions.

Business broadband prices

  • Free Anti virus software
  • Get safe online
  • Remote offsite backup service