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Mobile Business Communications FAQs

What are mobile business communications?

Mobile business communications are about staying in touch with your customers and your office while you are on the move or working away from your usual desk. Mobile phones are increasingly useful as business tools, and wireless enabled laptops (using dongles or wireless hotspots) have become a common tool of the trade for many business people. If you are ‘mobile’, your means of communication needs to be too.

Can I co-ordinate my office email with emails I send from my phone?

Yes – both BlackBerry and Windows phones provide software packages that allow emails sent from your mobile phone to be automatically duplicated in your main email programme, so you never lose a message

Can get that from a mobile phone shop?

Again, yes – but they will not be able to help you set up and optimise the software.

Do Smart phones just provide email?

No – the capability of new Smart phones is increasing rapidly, and there are lots of business applications becoming available that can make your phone a valuable business tool.

Do you provide dongles for wireless access on my laptop?

We certainly do – 3G dongles will allow you to surf the net, check your email and stay in touch with the office wherever you are (subject to mobile phone coverage). We will advise which is the best for your needs when you contact us.

My dongle uses up the battery on my laptop really fast – is there an alternative?

If battery life whilst working on a wireless laptop is an issue, you should check whether your laptop is sim card enabled – laptops with UMTS, HSDPA and HSUPA specifications can all have a sim card installed which enables wireless working, and is far less power hungry!

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