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Mobile Business Communications

Mobile Business Communications

Mobile business communicationsYour Mobile Business Communications – The Key to your Success

What are Mobile Business Communications?

Your mobile phone is one of the most common mobile communication devices, but that’s just the beginning. Laptops that wirelessly connect to the internet, via wireless ‘hotspots’ or mobile network dongles are essential business tools for many companies now. Staff who can log in to company intranet servers from the comfort and economy of their own homes are increasing in number.

More and more business is being undertaken online – email is one, if not the biggest, of the communication channels between companies and their clients. Response time is hugely important.

Almost two thirds of SMEs surveyed state that they have won a piece of business due to their ability to stay in touch while on the move. In the same survey, 42% stated that ‘being fast to react to customer questions and queries’ was the most critical aspect of their success. Speed really is of the essence!

Streamlining your communications when you are out of the office, so that essential messages are not lost or mislaid, is becoming more essential to modern businesses competing in a tough market.

Smartphones made Smarter

BlackBerry, Windows phones, iPhones – not just phones anymore, but mobile business tools with more capability than many users realise.

BlackBerry, for instance, offer you a Business Enterprise Solution (BES), or a Business Internet Solution (BIS) which can sync your phone email to your Outlook or other email programme – in other words, when you reply to an email from your phone, it is automatically copied to your base computer, ensuring you don’t lose track of valuable messages to your clients.

Sound useful – but scary?

Standard mobile phone suppliers will provide you with the phone, the mobile dongle and the software – and then leave you to it.

GTI’s complete service provides you with the phones, software and support to install, set up and optimise your mobile communications.

The Smarter your Smart phone gets, the more capability it has to help your business, and the more support you’ll need from your provider to ensure you’re getting the best performance – and the best value for money – from your investment.

When it goes wrong, GTI are 
the right choice!

When you’re dealing with multiple comms suppliers, and there’s a problem, it can be frustrating simply trying to pinpoint who’s responsible – getting someone to just tell you what’s wrong can be a morning’s work! When GTI supply your comms, you simply call us and we go to work on your behalf, tracing the source of the problem and working with the supplier to resolve it swiftly!

We understand how important it is to get you back up and running quickly, so we demand the best service from our partners. In fact we will try to help you even if you are not contracted to us.

Call GTI today to discuss your mobile communications needs and how we can help you make the most of them.

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