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IT and Telecoms Equipment Sales

IT and Telecoms Equipment Sales

Buy your Computing Supplies from GTI

Below is a list of the items that we can supply to you – please do call us on 0845 543 8077 to discuss any IT and Telecoms Equipment Sales you need and we will be happy to quote you.

Robust, reliable Windows servers – essential for a fast-moving modern business. GTI can help you select and install a server system appropriate to your needs. We recommend Fujitsu and Hewlett Packard servers for maximum efficiency, best value for money, and excellent service and warranty.

Desktop PCs
Laptops and Desktop Replacements
Thin Client
There are so many options available in desk and laptop computers at the moment. If you are unsure about the most appropriate computers for your business needs, we’ll happily discuss the most important features for you and recommend an appropriate solution.
We can supply you with computers by Hewlett Packard and Fujitsu amongst others, and will recommend those with excellent warranty and service agreements to ensure you can run your business smoothly and securely.

Need a bigger hard drive in your desktop computer? Or an external storage device for backup or transporting data? Or something that will store data from across a large network? We can help.
Storage Area Networks (SAN) from Fujitsu / Hewlett Packard / Overland Storage
Network Attached Storage from Fujitsu / Hewlett Packard / Netgear
Hard Drives (SAS/SATA) from Seagate / WD
Hard Drives (USB) from Seagate / WD / Samsung

CRT & TFT Displays from Fujitsu / Hewlett Packard / GNR / Hanspree / ViewSonic
Plasma displays (inc TV Tuner)

Printers and Copiers
Ink and Laser Printers from Hewlett Packard / Canon/ Xerox
Copiers are available via our partnership with a leading Copier supplier

Scanners & Document Management
Simple scanners, or high-speed, high capacity document back-up systems – we can supply them for you.

Keyboards & Mice
Simple pieces of your computer setup, but a good keyboard and mouse can make a huge difference to your working experience. Our preferred suppliers are Logitech / Microsoft, just talk to us about what would be best for you.

We can recommend and supply excellent equipment for your networks, and a;so quote you to install and maintain them.
Switches from Netgear / Hewlett Packard / Dlink
Wireless from Netgear / Zyxel / Dlink
ADSL (Modems / Routers) from Zyxel / SGS Thomson / Dlink

Security issues online are a constant headache for modern business. Keep your data safe with our recommended solutions – ones that we use ourselves because we know they are the best!
Firewalls from SonicWall / Netgear
Anti Virus / Software Firewall from ESET NOD32 solutions

Communications – Phones and Broadband
Business telephone lines and broadband solutions are available through GTI as are mobile phone contracts and handsets/PDA from Nokia, HTC, Apple and Blackberry. Fully supported mobile phone solutions are available to maximise the benefits you get from your business mobiles.

Mobile Solutions (3G) from Orange / O2 / 3 networks
Mobile Internet (3G dongles)
PSTN (Public Service Telephone Network) Oosha
ADSL from Oosha / Cerberus / Plusnet
SDSL from Oosha / Cerberus
Fibre from Elite Ltd (Virgin Media / BT)

Virtualisation and Cloud Computing
Saving the cost of on-site server installation and maintenance, our virtual solutions are ideal for small businesses, especially those with remote workers – secure and reliable, fully protected and backed-up, speak to us about ways to save yourself a great deal of money when working with a server.

Virtualisation (Microsoft Hyper-V)
Hosted Exchange (email)
Hosted Windows Server
Local Virtual Server
Local Virtual Desk-Top

GTI can supply most IT consumables, including printer inks, toner cartridges, media (tape and disc cartridges), and at prices that compete very favorably with other suppliers.

LAN (RJ45) / WAN (RJ11) / USB / Firewire
KVM switches (Keyboard Video Mouse)
19” Racks up to 47U

Communications Racks, wall and floor mounted
Equipment and Server Racks, Casters and Plinth

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