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Leasing and Sales

Leasing and Sales

Buy and lease computersIT and Communications Equipment Leasing and Sales.

Whatever your IT needs, speak to GTI.

You’ll want the best equipment to meet your business needs – our years of experience in IT and Communications mean that we are able to recommend and supply exactly that.

Products and brands are chosen for their value and reliability.

GTI test equipment in a real working environment before recommending it to you.

By carefully choosing and managing partnerships with some of the best known brands in the industry, we can supply equipment that delivers performance and value.

Leasing Deals from GTI

Need to replace your outdated computers? Ancient monitors taking up all your desk space? Just getting started in business?

If the idea of paying out for new IT equipment makes your bank account creak – even though you know it would be great for your business – then you should consider asking GTI about our leasing deals.

In fact, when David at GTI started researching what offers he could make, he began to wonder why anyone would ever actually buy their IT kit!

Leasing deals can offer great tax incentives, which save you quite a bit of money compared to the depreciation on purchased equipment – take a look at our illustration below.

Computer Leasing and Sales

Leasing offers lots of benefits!

Keep your cash flow steady with easy budgeting.

Flexibility if you need to upgrade, add to or change any of the equipment.

You can start off your business with the kit that you need, not just what your budget limits you to.

The equipment pays for itself as it goes along which is ideal – after all, you wouldn’t pay your staff three years in advance!
Big tax savings.

Keep your capital in hand to better run your business – don’t bury it in hardware.

Leasing from GTI lets you bundle your support and maintenance in with your monthly payment.

Leasing customers get preferential rates on our other services, such as data backup, virus and spam protection, mobile phones and mobile computing, broadband and telephone line provision, and virtual server solutions.

Plus – consult with GTI Computers about what you want to achieve with your new equipment, and we’ll make sure you get the very best value for money, suggest savings, alternatives and strategies for making your business IT safe, secure, fast and efficient.

If you prefer to purchase your IT equipment outright, we will still be happy to give you excellent advice about the right kit for you.

Our business is keeping your business running smoothly.

To discuss your IT needs, and how GTI Computers can help you get it all in place, call us now on 0845 543 8077

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