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Hosted Email and Spam Filtering

Hosted Email and Spam Filtering

Hosted Email and Spam FilteringAll your email, anywhere, on any device…

GTI’s Hosted Email and Spam Filtering Solution makes it possible.

In a world where you can email from so many different devices, it’s been easy to lose track of a conversation or thread – until now.

Is keeping in touch on the move, whilst keeping track of your email messages, becoming more complex?

Smartphones are great for checking and sending email on the move – but normal email servers don’t sync the outgoing messages from your phone with the ‘sent’ folder on your desktop computer.

In other words, the response you sent from your phone in answer to a customer query isn’t necessarily going to appear in your office computer’s inbox.

And what if you need to check that quote you emailed from the office just before you step into a meeting with your client? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see the emails you’ve sent from every device you use, on every other device?

That’s what hosted email can provide for you – a way to read all your incoming and outgoing email, on any internet-enabled device, anywhere.

The Benefits of Hosted Email and Spam Filtering

Read all your incoming and outgoing email communications on any smart mobile device, as well as your computer or laptop.

Check your email securely from anywhere using your smartphone, iPad or laptop.

Never miss an important email again – all messages appear on all platforms.


• Keep your existing email address – no need to change.

• Cross-platform access – PC/Mac/smart phone.

• ‘Exchange’ software allows seamless integration of all your email communications.

• Completely managed and rapid change-over – just authorise us to act on your behalf and we handle all of the technical issues, plus your email address will remain 100% active, so you won’t miss any messages during the transition.

• Fast of all your email communications.

How much does GTI’s Hosted Email and Spam Filtering solution cost?

The exact cost of our hosted email will depend on a number of factors, such as the number of accounts you use – please do give us a call to discuss and we’ll be happy to give you a quote.

For more information about GTI’s Hosted Email and Spam Filtering solution, a quotation, or to talk about any of our other services, please call 0845 543 8077

How does it work?

Normal email works like this – your website host, or other provider, receives all your incoming email onto their server, and routes it, with your authorisation, to whichever device you’re using. Generally speaking, all your incoming mail is held on the server for a fixed amount of time, or until your inbox fills up, so you can access it from any device fairly easily.

The problems arise with your outgoing mail – messages you are sending to other people. Your outgoing email is sent up to your host and then passed on to the addressee – but it isn’t stored on the server for you to pull down onto another device. Only the device you sent the original from has the message in its outbox.

By moving your email hosting to our server, we can route all your email through a piece of software called ‘Exchange’. This acts as your central ‘inbox’ and ‘outbox’, holding all of your incoming and outgoing messages, which you can then look at on any device you choose to use.

Whenever you access your email on any device, it is your central ‘Exchange’ in and outboxes that you’ll see – thus syncing all your email across all your devices.


Is spam email cutting into your working week?

Spam email – the scourge of the internet – accounts for up to 97% of all email traffic. Sometimes just a nuisance, sometimes downright unpleasant or embarrassing, occasionally malicious – but always a waste of time.

In fact, according to McAfee “49% of Americans spend more than 40 minutes per week deleting spam, with 14% reporting they spend as much as three and a half hours a week — or 7.5 days per year — on this task.”

You can be fairly sure that it’s not much different in the UK – and that time lost to spam adds up to a lot of money lost to your business.

Eliminate unwanted email fast.

More sophisticated than any standard ISP filters, our state-of-the-art Spam Filter system protects your inbox and saves you time.

Our solution uses the latest, most sophisticated algorithms, designed to identify the key phrases, formats and attachments that indicate spam, and remove it before it clutters up your inbox. It is constantly updated to keep ahead of new scams and techniques set up by those trying to infiltrate your inbox.

You’ll receive notifications of filtered emails from new addresses that allow you to confirm they’re unwanted (in which case you’ll never hear from them again) or to rescue messages you do want and mark them to be allowed through in future.

Before you know it – you’ll be virtually spam-free.

The Benefits of Spam Filtering

• Just the email you want to see appears in your inbox.

• Saves time every day by eliminating spam before it reaches you.

• Cuts out potential virus, malware and trojan horse infestation.


• Filters your email.

• Sophisticated algorithms constantly updated to identify the latest spam email trends.

• Automatic alerts that allow you to ‘white list’ any misidentified email.

• Software is hosted on our own servers and therefore does not affect the operating speed of your computer.

• Frees up your broadband by not allowing spam through.

How much does spam filtering cost?

GTI’s Spam Filtering solution is very competitively priced, and the cost yo you will depend on the number of email accounts and devices used. We’re pretty confident that the cost is easily covered by the productivity you’ll gain back by cutting out the spam and eliminating threats early.

Email us or call to chat about how we can help you, and how much it would cost for your business.

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