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Cloud Hosting Servers

Cloud Hosting Servers

Cloud ComputingWhat is Cloud Hosting?
In pure business terms, cloud is essentially a flexible, scalable, pay-per-use model for the way IT services are delivered and consumed, typically through short-term contracts. With its pay-as-you go model, cloud moves many IT costs from capital expenditure to operating expenditure; its “elastic model” means available IT capability can be flexed to mirror changing business demand; and it enables consumers of IT to have much greater transparency over their costs.


• Big cost savings – no server to buy, no maintenance bills, reduced office power bills.
• Space saved – no need to find room for a bulky computer, or worry about office conditions.
• Easy ‘scale-up’ and ‘scale-out’ with flexible licensing and expandable storage.

• Spacious server with state-of-the-art security.
• Install your own software (subject to licensing and agreement).
• Microsoft packages available with dynamic ‘pay-as-you-go’ monthly licensing.

The Cloud comes down to earth.
If ‘cloud computing’ sounds a bit ethereal and unrealistic to you, let us persuade you to think again – because the Virtual Server really has come of age.

With today’s mobile connections you can work from home, from the coffee shop, even from the beach – and thus take advantage of the savings and benefits of a Virtual Server Solution. Plus with our dynamic licensing, you pay only for the applications you need.

Save office space, and money on power, maintenance, software and licenses – instead you’ll just pay a monthly subscription so you can budget easily.

If you want to know more, we’ll be happy to discuss your business situation with you contact us today.

  • Free Anti virus software
  • Get safe online
  • Remote offsite backup service