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Case Study

Case Study

Customer Case Study – Viviers Fish Market

Customer Profile

Established since 1985, Viviers is Portsmouth’s premier Fish Market, located in the heart of historic Old Portsmouth.

They offer an extensive range of freshly caught local produce, and welcome the general public to their quayside premises, as well as trade customers. Their speciality is shellfish – they are the South Coasts largest supplier – and export is a major part of their growing business.

In the early days of the company, their IT needs were fairly basic, so they used a small local firm to undertake repairs to the computers as and when they were needed.

However, Viviers has become a successful and expanding local enterprise – they now sell at Farmer’s Markets, run a shop in Billingsgate Market, the famous and long-established fish market in the East end of London, and have branched into running speciality seafood restaurants.

With this expansion – and with the coming of the internet age – they realised that IT was a vital, and increasingly crucial, part of keeping their business streamlined and competitive. They selected GTI Computers as their IT and Communications supplier and began working with us some eight years ago.

A Great Working Relationship

The Manager at Viviers is Lorraine Mcleod. Lorraine started with the company in its early days, but left to further her career in business management with a large corporate. Whilst there, she gained a great deal of valuable experience in business IT needs and potential.

Returning to Viviers, she brought all her knowledge of the value and possibilities of IT with her, and was tasked with bringing the company IT and Communications up-to-date and in line with their growth.

Lorraine has a lot of good things to say about GTI – she and the other senior management at Viviers have been extremely happy with the service they have received from us over the years.

“Having a good IT support company like GTI on board gives us real peace of mind,” Lorraine says.

She adds that prompt service from our friendly and approachable team, along with well-trained technicians who know and understand Viviers’ requirements, makes life much easier!

We at GTI believe in building a strong rapport with our customers and taking the time to fully understand their business environment and objectives. This means we can provide the right equipment, at the right price, to achieve their goals.

That’s certainly Lorraine’s experience of working with us – and we were able to reinforce that impression when we installed our Remote Backup solution at Viviers… all their data is streamed overnight, securely and automatically, to our remote servers, saving Lorraine the task of checking tapes and organising someone to take the backup home.

“GTI’s Remote Backup is fantastic, and completely worry-free,” she states.

Going into the Cloud

As Viviers continued to grow, they found that their IT system was in need of a major upgrade. After consulting with us about the best and most economic answer, they opted for our Cloud Server solution. Lorraine’s experience of the growing importance of Cloud computing in the corporate world gave her the confidence to take Viviers IT into a virtual environment.

Now, all of Viviers data management and storage is held on GTI’s secure remote server – and the company was saved the expense of buying and installing a new server of their own. Plus, as all the software they use is also held on the remote server, they made the move to ‘thin clients’*.

The saving made in capital investment, maintenance and ongoing power bills alone offsets the cost of the monthly subscription that Viviers pay for their Cloud solution, and will continue to do so for some time.

And how is it working out? Viviers have been working in the cloud for some months now, and are delighted with their virtual environment, with the speed, efficiency and economy it’s brought to their IT needs.

There’s only one downside – we hardly hear from Lorraine and her team any more – they don’t need to call us anything like as much because their IT is running so smoothly! So we miss them – but in a good way!

*A ‘thin client’ is a unit just a little larger than you’d expect an external storage device to be, and usually it can be attached to the back of your monitor. Its function is to connect your monitor and keyboard directly to the server – without the need for a desktop computer.

Thin clients use considerably less power than standard computers, and as they have no moving parts they are more robust and less prone to breakdown. If you use server-based software for your office IT, a thin client solution could save you space and money.

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