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Do you have to switch off to save money?

Do you have to switch off to save money?

Energy conservation and cost are high on the agenda of almost all businesses. We all know we need to save cash – and the environment at the same time – but how many of us are guilty of leaving our computers and monitors on standby while we’re away from them?

Indeed, some computers and peripherals that are switched off can still draw a tiny trickle of current if they are connected to the mains.

Screens and PCs that remain on standby use between 1-5 watts per hour depending on make and model. That doesn’t seem like much for one machine, but when you consider that it’s likely to be on standby for close to two thirds of the day, and then you multiply that by the number of PCs in use across the country, and across the globe – suddenly the tiny trickle to your darkened monitor looks like part of a veritable torrent of power being totally wasted.

Feel guilty no longer! At last, real solutions to the problem of ‘stand-by’ power usage are being offered.

Habits, including leaving your PCs on overnight, can be very difficult to change – so it’s great to see some innovations being made that deal with the issue at the root. Fujitsu are blazing the trail when it comes to monitors and PCs that use zero power when in hibernation and off mode.

Fujitsu were the first company to produce a zero-watt PC at CeBIT 2009 in Hanover. The ESPRIMO range “does not consume any power in off-mode or hibernating while still remaining administrable”.

Couple them with the excellent quality ECO displays and you have a truly ‘green’ setup in your office. The ECO monitors also consume zero power when switched off or in standby mode, and have the additional environmental benefit of auto brightness controls and an ECO button that can adjust your monitor to reduce power consumption by up to 50% during working hours.

It does all this without compromising your working capability, and retaining excellent colour reproduction. They also offer numerous connector options and an ultra-wide viewing angle through IPS panel (In Plane Switching).

Saving the planet while saving money? Sounds good to us.

If you are interested in the Fujitsu ECO display range, or the ESPRIMO Zero-Watt PCs, please do give GTI Computers a call for more information.