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About GTI

About GTI

A company built on great service and a commitment to their customers.

About GTI Computers (Portsmouth) Ltd. Established in 1994, and is owned and run by David Grenfell. The company is based in Portsmouth, on the south coast of England, and specialises in business IT and communications solutions for SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) and small business.

David, an applied physics graduate of the University of Portsmouth, started out with a small retail outlet in Southsea. Initially, the company specialised in assembling custom computer systems for the domestic and small business market, but expanded rapidly, soon joining major manufacturer Hewlett Packard as an authorised reseller of a wide range of IT peripherals, systems and servers.

As business computing and communications have increased in sophistication, so has GTI’s portfolio of skills and business partners. The proliferation of web-based services available to businesses led to a natural expansion into communications, including phones, broadband and mobile technologies.

David realised early on that, as IT and communications became more complex and sophisticated, clients would be looking for someone to advise them about what they would need to get their work done as efficiently as possible. As a larger number of service providers became involved he also foresaw that non-technical clients would need someone to ‘advocate’ for them when something went wrong. Thus it was that GTI became primarily a ‘service and support’ company with a pragmatic approach to business solutions.

He instills his team with his own problem-solving ethic – they take ownership of any problems or needs that arise and set about solving them on behalf of their clients.

As he says “I’ve had experience myself of having one provider blame another, then another until you’ve been sent round in a circle and ended up back at the beginning – it’s frustrating, and a huge time-waster, and all you really want is for someone to take hold of the problem and sort it out. That’s what we try to do. We know enough to know when we’re being fobbed off, and we don’t let suppliers and providers shirk their responsibility. We work on behalf of our clients to get the problem solved fast. In fact we actively seek out partner companies who share our values regarding customer service, and who work with us to keep our clients up and running. Meanwhile, the client only needs to make one call to find out what’s happening – they call us.”

So, whether you’re looking for an entire IT or communications solution, or just an element (say a new server, printer or mobile phone), GTI has the knowledge and experience to help both supply and maintain what you need

Growing involvement with major manufacturers and brand leaders as a respected ‘Small Business Partner’ allows GTI to deliver quality and value, as well as low cost, to their customers. They now have long-established trading partnerships with manufacturers like Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, IBM, and Seagate. These relationships allow GTI to offer good value right across their range of activities.

If you are in business you need IT. If you need IT, call or contact us for a comprehensive assessment of your needs, and let GTI help you make a considered decision that will pay dividends for you in the years tocome.

GTI Computers • 219 Victory House • Somers Road North • Portsmouth • Hampshire • PO1 1PJ • 0845 543 8077

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