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Mobile phones need better support!

23 Jun

Mobile phones need better support!

Author: GTI Computers
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Mobile phones from GTI ComputersMobile phone technology has begun to streak ahead – 3G Windows phones, BlackBerrys and other highly sophisticated handsets have turned the humble mobile into a veritable handheld computer!

There are lots of new software applications and functions that mean your mobile phone can now be a valuable business tool – an extension of your office. Of course that throws a bit of technological complication into the mix as well, these phones and business applications need supporting with something rather better than a standard contract if you want to make the most of them.

What applications are available now?

The simplest packages start by linking your email on your phone to the email on your computer. If they are not synchronised by your server then emails you send from your phone don’t appear in your base inbox – you run the risk that you’ll delete the email from your phone by mistake (which is just so easy to do) and possibly lose valuable communications – how much did you tell the client it would cost??

You can copy yourself into the email, but that messes with your ‘from’ and ‘to’ searches. How much more efficient would it be to simply have the email appear in your ‘sent’ folder in the correct format?

BlackBerry mobile phones from GTI ComputersFor sales people and managers on the road, a direct and simple link to the business CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software allows them to update customer details, results of meetings etc immediately, making the information available to anyone that needs it while you’re on your way back to the office.

Chasing orders, progressing jobs, tracking deliveries – all functions that the new breed of intelligent phone can perform.

And of course, you can always simply use it to phone home and say you’ll be back early because of all the time you saved today!

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