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06 Apr

A Computer Timeline

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Running to keep up – that’s how being in IT can feel sometimes.

Developments and advancements in the technology come thick and fast these days, and one of our core tasks is staying on top of what new products and services are coming along.

With all this headlong rush, it can be fascinating to take a break and instead to look back at where we’ve come from. Finding this great infographic on the Tech King blog made us smile – we’re not convinced it’s a ‘comprehensive’ history of computing, given that Charles Babbage was working on his ‘Difference Engine’, the first recognised computing machine’, in the 1820s – but as it starts with the founding of Hewlett Packard, one of our partners, we thought we’d share it with you.

We’ve come a long way – and the journey continues.

Infographic: A Comprehensive History of ComputersA Comprehensive History of Computers by Tech King